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Vermonters who served in Massachusetts units

As of 1 January 2022, we have found 1,395 Vermonters who served in Massachusetts regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname.

Packard, Horace Cornelius
Packer, Edward H.
Page, Henry
Paige, Charles N.
Palmer, George W.
Palmer, Orlando William
Palmer, William A.
Parish, Martin C.
Park, Henry
Parker, Alpheus Brown
Parker, Carlos A.
Parker, Hiram
Parker, John T.
Parker, Marshall P.
Parker, Robert
Parris, George W.
Parsons, Henry Kelley
Parsons, Jackson M.
Parsons, William E.
Patch, Vernon
Patch, William F.
Pattee, Deleven W.
Peck, Emery
Peck, John
Peck, Solomon E.
Peebles, John P.
Peeler, Albert
Peeler, Albert S.
Peeler, David L.
Pember, John Henry
Penfield, Nathan
Perry, Crosby Alpheus
Perry, Frederick D.
Perry, Gideon W.
Perry, Lemuel P.
Perry, Oscar S.
Peters, Amasa A.
Peters, Edmond F.
Peters, Lyman
Petit, Godfrey
Pettingill, James W.
Phelps, Henry
Phelps, John Tyler
Phelps, William G.
Phelps, William J.
Phetteplace, Herbert H.
Phillips, Alvah C.
Phillips, Edward E.
Pierce, Daniel Rufus
Pierce, George R.
Pierce, Henry H.
Pierce, James A.
Pike, Eli
Pingrey, Proctor
Plimpton, Amos Gardner
Plimpton, Emerson F.
Plimpton, Franklin Amos
Plimpton, George W.
Plimpton, Merrill Francis
Plimpton, Webster Daniel
Plumb, Henry Clay
Pond, Darwin H.
Poppy, Martinn S.
Porter, Byron
Porter, Charles C.
Porter, Marshall
Porter, Rufus W.
Potter, Andrew
Potter, Burton W.
Pratt, Chester Artemas
Pratt, David
Pratt, Edward Luman
Pratt, Edwin T.
Pratt, Giles
Pratt, John
Pratt, John A.
Pratt, Lewis Greene
Pratt, Myron
Prescott, Cyrus
Preston, William
Price, Cornelius
Priest, Milo C.
Prince, Abel
Prince, Charles H.
Prince, Daniel
Prince, Henry
Prince, Isaac
Prince, Isaac