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Vermonters who served in Massachusetts units

As of 1 January 2022, we have found 1,395 Vermonters who served in Massachusetts regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname.

Randall, James M.
Randall, Seth L.
Randlett, Erastus D.
Ranney, Eugene Oliver
Raymond, Homer W.
Raymond, Jasper S.
Reagan, William O.
Record, Albert Clark
Reed, Albert Oliver
Reed, Edward P.
Reed, Edwin A.
Reed, Edwin R.
Reed, George W. L.
Reed, Joseph
Reed, Otis R.
Remington, Orlando P.
Renfrew, Horace E.
Reynolds, Edward M.
Reynolds, Julius F.
Reynolds, Orlando B.
Rice, George W.
Rice, Jacob
Rice, Moses Page
Rich, William H.
Richards, Oliver M.
Richardson, Ira Mortimer
Richardson, Ivory
Richardson, John Henry
Richardson, Joseph C.
Richardson, Samuel
Rider, Sidney Edwards
Robbins, John E.
Roberts, Lewis
Roberts, Mark
Roberts, Milo B.
Robertson, Albert Russell
Robertson, Curtis B.
Robertson, James P.
Robinson, Clark
Robinson, Hiram A.
Rockwood, William O. V.
Rodgers, Horace Cliff
Rogers, Edward R.
Rogers, George A.
Rogers, Samuel N.
Rollins, Andrew Joseph
Rollins, Edward Fay
Rollins, Sumner P.
Rood, Charles H.
Rood, Oliver
Root, Warner A.
Rosebrook, Seldon H.
Ross, Harvey C.
Ross, John H.
Roundy, Franklin Riah
Rowe, Hiram Jr.
Rowell, Cromwell G.
Rowell, Daniel M.
Rumney, Edwin Ezra
Russell, Charles
Russell, Charles W.
Russell, John W.
Russell, William A.