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Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor
BATES, Norman Francis (1839-1915)

Born 6 Nov, 1839, Derry, VT. Died 16 Oct 1915; buried Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, CA. Sergeant, Co. E, 4th Iowa Cavalry. At Columbus, Ga., on 16 Apr 1865, he was credited with the "capture of flag and bearer." Medal of Honor issued 17 Jul 1865. (NARA File: R&P 493702)

CHURCHILL, Samuel Joseph (1842-1932)

Born 1 Nov 1842, Rutland. Died 3 Jun 1932; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Lawrence, KS. Corporal, Co. G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery, credited to DeKalb County, IL. At Nashville, Tenn., on 15 Dec 1864, "when the fire of the enemy's batteries compelled the men of his detachment for a short time to seek shelter, he stood manfully at his post and for some minutes worked his gun alone." Medal of Honor issued 20 Jan 1897. (NARA File: R&P 465036)

COUGHLIN, John (1837-1912)

Born 1837, VT. Died 27 May 1912; buried National Cemetery, Arlington, VA (2-936 WS). Colonel, 10th New Hampshire Infantry, credited to Manchester, NH. At Swifts Creek, VA, on 9 May 1864, "during a sudden night attack upon Burnham's Brigade, resulting in much confusion, this officer, without waiting for orders, led his regiment forward and interposed a line of battle between the advancing enemy and Hunt's Battery, repulsing." Medal of Honor issued 31 Aug 1893. (NARA File: C-533-VS-1863)

DAVIDSON, Andrew (1819-1901)

Born 1819, Middlebury. Died 30 Jun 1901; buried Forest Rose Cemetery, Lancaster, OH. Assistant Surgeon, 47th Ohio Infantry, credited to Cincinnati, OH. At Vicksburg, MI, on 3 May 1863, he "voluntarily attempted to runt he enemy's batteries. Medal of Honor issued 17 Oct 1892. (NARA File: Pfn-529-EB-1865)

EDDY, Samuel E. (1822-1909)

Born 2 Jun 1822, Whitingham. Died 7 Mar 1908; buried Mount Cemetery, West Chesterfield, MA. Private, Co. D, 37th Massachusetts Infantry, credited to Chesterfield, MA. At: Sailors Creek, VA, on 6 Apr 1865, he "Saved the life of the adjutant of his regiment by voluntarily going beyond the line and there killing one of the enemy then in the act of firing upon the wounded officer. Was assailed by several of the enemy, run through the body with a bayonet, and pinned to the ground, but while so situated he shot and killed his assailant." Medal of Honor issued 10 Sep 1897. (NARA File: EaK-492-EB-1867)

EVANS, Ira Hobart (1844-1922)

Born 11 Apr 1844, Piermont, NH. Died 19 Apr 1922, San Diego, CA; buried Berlin Corners, Berlin, VT. Captain, Co. B, 116th U.S. Colored Troops, credited to Barre. At Hatchers Run, VA, on 2 Apr 1865, he "voluntarily passed between the lines, under a heavy fire from the enemy, and obtained important information." Medal of Honor issued 24 Mar 1892. (NARA File: E-53-CT-1863)

FERRIS, Eugene W. (1841-1907)

Born 18 Nov, 1841, Springfield. Died 26 Feb 1907, Rockville, IN. 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant, 30th Massachusetts Infantry, credited to Lowell, MA. At Berryville, VA, on 1 Apr 1865, "accompanied only by an orderly, outside the lines of the Army, he gallantly resisted an attack of 5 of Mosby's cavalry, mortally wounded the leader of the party, seized his horse and pistols, wounded 3 more, and, though wounded himself, escaped." Medal of Honor issued 16 Oct 1897. (NARA File: F-984-VS-1864)

JOHNDRO, Franklin (1835-1901)

Born 1835, Highgate Falls. Died 5 Apr 1901, North Bay City, MI; buried Glens Falls Cemetery, Glens Falls, NY. Private, Co. A, 118th New York Infantry, credited to Queensbury, NY. At Chaffins Farm, VA, on 30 Sep 1864, he was credited with the "capture of 40 prisoners." Medal of Honor issued 6 Apr 1865. (NARA File: A-4024-EB-1884)

MATTOCKS, Charles Porter (1840-1910)

Born 11 Oct 1840, Danville. Died 16 May 1910; buried Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, ME (R-845). Major, 17th Maine Infantry, credited to Portland, ME. At Sailors Creek, VA, on 6 Apr 1865, he "displayed extraordinary gallantry in leading a charge of his regiment which resulted in the capture of a large number of prisoners and a stand of colors." Medal of Honor issued 29 Mar 1899. (NARA File: M-588-VS-1865)

NICHOLS, Henry Clay (1832-1904)

Born 30 Mar 1832, Brandon. Died 13 Feb 1904; buried Coventry Cemetery, Coventry. Captain, Co. E, 73rd U.S. Colored Troops. At Fort Blakely, Ala., on 9 Apr 1865, he "Voluntarily made a reconnaissance in advance of the line held by his regiment and, under a heavy fire, obtained information of great value." Medal of Honor issued 3 Aug 1897. (NARA File: G-334-CT-1865)

PHELPS, Charles E. (1833-1908)

Born 1 May 1833, Guilford. Died 27 Dec 1908, Baltimore, MD; buried Woodlawn Cemetery, Baltimore County, MD. Colonel, 7th Maryland Infantry, credited to Baltimore, MD. At Laurel Hill, VA, on 8 May 1864, he "rode to the head of the assaulting column, then much broken by severe losses and faltering under the close fire of artillery, placed himself conspicuously in front of the troops, and gallantly rallied and led them to within a few feet of the enemy's works, where he was severely wounded and captured." Medal of Honor issued 30 Mar 1898. (NARA File: P-2401-VS-1864)

SHERMAN, Marshall (1823-1896)

Born 1823, Burlington. Died 19 Apr 1896; buried Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul, MN. Private, Co. C, 1st Minnesota Infantry, credited to St. Paul, MN. At Gettysburg, PA, on 3 Jul 1863, he was credited with the "capture of flag of 28th Virginia Infantry (CSA)." Medal of Honor issued 1 Dec 1864. (NARA File: B-908-EB-1884)

THOMPSON, Charles Augustus (1843-1900)

Born 16 Feb 1843, Perrysburg, OH. Died 24 Aug 1900, Rutland; buried Evergreen Cemetery, Rutland. Sergeant, Co. D, 17th Michigan Infantry, credited to Kalamazoo, MI. At Spotsylvania, VA, on 12 May 1864, "After the regiment was surrounded and all resistance seemed useless, fought single-handed for the colors and refused to give them up until he had appealed to his superior officers." Medal of Honor issued 27 Jul 1896. (NARA File: R&P 455321)

TILTON, William Tilton (1834-1910)

Born 27 Oct 1834, St. Albans. Died 8 Mar 1910, Enfield, NH; buried Oak Grove Cemetery. Sergeant, Co. C, 7th New Hampshire Infantry, credited to Hanover, NH. During the Richmond Campaign, in 1864,, he was credited with "gallant conduct in the field." Medal of Honor issued 20 Feb 1884. NARA File: C-13720-EB-1883)

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