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Vermonters who served in New York units

As of 1 March 2022, we have found 3,175 Vermonters who served in more than 270 New York units during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname.

Abare, Edmond
Abbey, Alanson L.
Abby, William
Abell, Charles C.
Ackerman, Edmund Truman
Ackerman, Francis J.
Ackerman, Silas Ranney
Ackerson, Daniel
Ackerson, George Jacob
Adams, Albert Moses
Adams, Caleb
Adams, Henry H.
Adams, Oliver D.
Adams, Thomas Jefferson
Agen, James Herman
Ainsworth, Ira Washington
Ainsworth, Martin V. B.
Alden, William
Aldous, John H.
Aldrich, Amasa
Aldrich, Anson L.
Aldrich, Joshua
Alford Ransom C.
Alger, Charles
Alipaw, Edward
Allaire, Mitchell
Allard, Nelson
Allard, William Christopher
Allen, Abel
Allen, Abram J.
Allen, Alford Herbert
Allen, Arthur A.
Allen, Brenton H.
Allen, Charles P.
Allen, Ethan
Allen, George Root
Allen, Harrison
Allen, Henry
Allen, Henry
Allen, Hiram E.
Allen, Joseph H.
Allen, Lucas
Allen, Nathan F.
Allen, Stephen
Allen, Theodore Joseph
Ambler, Henry C.
Ames, Acil Ebenezer
Ames, Avery
Ames, Benjamin A.
Ames, Martin L.
Ames, Oscar P.
Amidon, Henry
Amidon, John
Amidon, Marshal
Anderson, Edgar
Anderson, Homer
Anderson, James
Anderson, John W.
Anderson, William H.
Andrew, Noel H.
Andrews, Chester A.
Andrews, Erastus
Andrews, Ira H.
Andrews, Pearley H.
Andrews, Sumner A.
Andross, Charles M.
Anstey, George R.
Anthony, Fabian
Arbuckle, Hyman
Archer, George C.
Arms, Alfred G.
Armstrong, Edward
Armstrong, James
Arnold, Alvin
Arnold, Charles Wilson
Arnold, Erskine M.
Arnold, Norman H.
Arthur, William
Ashley, Martin V. B.
Ashline, Solomon
Ashtenan, Lewis N.
Ashworth, George
Atherton, David B.
Atkins, William Prentis
Atwater, Edgar Warren
Atwater, Lucius Augustus
Atwood, Alfred
Atwood, Eben
Atwood, Elijah
Atwood, Gustavus
Atwood, Hammond Benjamin
Atwood, Oliver W.
Atwood, Parker I.
Auger, Alfred Edward
Auld, Robert
Austin, Addison A.
Austin, Benjamin Wheeler
Austin, Horace R.
Austin, James N.
Austin, John A.
Austin, William H.
Austin, William H.
Averill, William Pitt
Avery, Gideon H.
Avery, Hiram
Avery, John
Avery, Matthew Henry
Avery, William H.
Ayers, Albert D.
Ayers, Albert R.
Ayers, Braman