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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

As of 1 January 2022, we have found 656 Vermonters who served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname.

Calkins, Daniel
Campbell, George F.
Campbell, James Seth
Campbell, John Harold
Carey, Gordon
Carlile, Andrew
Carlisle, Isaiah
Carr, Charles S.
Carr, Clark
Carroll, Roger A.
Cass, Henry H.
Chaffee, Charles H.
Chamberlain, Percious R.
Chamberlin, Everett
Chandler, Julius Converse
Chaplin, William
Chapman, Chandler D.
Chase, Samuel Willis
Cheney, Warren
Chesemore, Newton Luther
Childs, Israel
Childs, Orin D.
Chrystie, Alexander
Clark, Alvin F.
Clark, Oscar Allen
Clark, Stephen Benjamin
Clemans, Horace Byron
Coats, William R.
Cobb, Guy Lewis
Cobb, Samuel C.
Cochran, Warren
Colburn, William
Cole, Alonzo
Cole, Alson
Cole, Henry Clay
Cole, Horace F.
Cole, William D.
Collins, Philip
Conant, David A.
Congdon, Gilbert
Conner, W. H. H.
Conry, Hiram
Converse, Henry Buck
Cook, Alonzo
Cook, Atwell J.
Cook, Riley Robert
Cooledge, Henry W.
Cooley, Seymour T.
Cooper, Elijah E.
Corbett, Charles A.
Corbett, Lester M.
Corey, Hiram C.
Corey, Thomas Grover
Corlew, James
Cory, Milo
Coyier, Jonathan Bradley
Craigue, Nelson Francis
Cramer, Francis S.
Crane, Daniel Franklin
Cray, Parkman
Cressy, Henry Wheeler
Crossett, Zerah H.
Culver, Elmer A.
Culver, Luke
Cummings, Dennis P.
Curtis, Martin M.