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Vermonters who served in Wisconsin units

As of 1 January 2022, we have found 656 Vermonters who served in Wisconsin regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname.

Packard, Silas J.
Page, Moses A.
Paine, Richard Kendall
Parady, Alson
Parker, Loren D.
Parker, William H.
Parkhurst, Elisha D.
Parrish, Elijah
Patnoe, Alex
Payne, Edward Byron
Perkins, Edwin G.
Perkins, Norman Andrew
Perkins, William E.
Perry, Aaron H.
Persons, Augustus Franklin
Persons, Levi Allen
Peters, Timothy
Phen, Charles N.
Phenn, William M.
Pierce, Charles P.
Pierce, Daniel W.
Pierce, William
Pinney, Oscar F.
Pinney, William Washburn
Place, Doctor Sidney
Platt, Alender B.
Platt, James Elmore
Plummer, Abram
Poland, Solon
Pond, Henry A.
Porter, Nelson
Potter, Alexander W.
Potter, Henry F.
Potter, Royal L.
Powell, Leonard
Powers, Alvin
Pratt, Horace J.
Pratt, Roswell V.
Pratt, Thomas A.
Price, Horatio M.
Purcell, William Martin
Putnam, John G.