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Third Company - Recruits

A Descriptive Roll of Men Enlisted by Wm. H. Knight appointed a Recruiting Officer by the Governor of Vermont on the 20th Day of November, A.D. 1861, having his recruiting station at Brattleboro, Vt. --- "I, Wm. H. Knight certify on honor, that the foregoing is a correct Descriptive Roll of the men enlisted by me for service in the 3d Co., Vt. Sharpshooters, of the Volunteer Militia of Vermont, pursuant to Recruiting Orders dated November 20, A.D., 1861 --- Dated at Brattleboro, Vt., December 20, 1861 (Signed: William H. Knight)

Abbott, CurtisEast Bethel, Vt.215' 7 1/4"lightbluedarkRandolph, Vt.1840studentNov. 12
Alexandria, Caleb H.Brattleboro, Vt.425' 3"lightgreylightW. Brattleboro, Vt.1819FarmerDec. 10
Averell, PhiletusReadsboro, Vt.345' 7"lightbluedarkWilmington, Vt.1827CarpenterOct.29
Ayers, John H.Grafton, Vt.195' 3 1/2"lightbluedarkGrafton, Vt.1842FarmerOct. 16
Barry, George W.Brattleboro, Vt.265' 9"lightbluedarkTiconderoga, NY1835PrinterNov. 22
Bliss, WaitstillFairfax, Vt.305' 6"lightbluelightRowe, Mass1831FarmerNov. 4
Bond, Charles S.Proctorsville, Vt.185' 8 1/2"LightBlueDarkProctorsville, Vt.1843studentOct. 26
Britton, George F.Brattleboro, Vt.215' 4"lightgreylightBrattleboro, Vt.1840MechanicNov. 28
Brockway, John R.Brattleboro, Vt.195' 8 3/4"lightgreydarkBrattleboro, Vt.1842FarmerOct. 18
Brophy, Harvey A.East Dorset, Vt.275' 9 1/2"lightblackdarkE. Dorset, Vt.1834MechanicDec. 7
Bullock, David M.Readsboro, Vt.185' 7 3/4"lightblackdarkReadsboro, Vt.1843FarmerDec. 13
Burgess, Albert H.Grafton, Vt.185' 10 1/4"lightbrowndarkGrafton, Vt.1843FarmerOct. 16
Burlingame, ZelotusDummerston, Vt.425' 9 1/2"lightbluelightWeathersfield, Vt.1819MechanicNov. 23
Burton , AlbertS. Londonderry, Vt.255' 10 1/4"lightgreydarkS. Londonderry, Vt.1836FarmerOct. 29
Butterfield, Abner W.Dummerston, Vt.295' 4 1/2"lightbrowndarkDummerston, Vt.1832FarmerDec. 5
Campbell, Henry L.Londonderry, Vt.206' 1 1/2"lightbluedarkLondonderry, Vt.1841FarmerNov. 21
Churchill, William H.S. Londonderry, Vt.235' 7 3/4"lightbluedarkS. Londonderry, Vt.1838PainterOct. 18
Clark, EugeneBrattleboro, V.225' 6 3/4"lightgreylightBrattleboro, Vt.1839CarpenterDec. 12
Clark, Frederick E.Newbury, Vt.206' 3/4"lightblackdarkNewbury, Vt.1841FarmerDec. 4
Clark, James G.Brandon, Vt.185' 11 1/4"lightbluelightPutney, Vt.1843FarmerNov. 13
Clark, Lucius T.Brandon, Vt.226' 2"lightbluedarkPutney, Vt.1839MechanicDec. 16
Cressey, Everett J.Readsboro, Vt.235' 4"lightblackdarkRowe, Mass.1838FarmerOct 30
Cressey, George W.Readsboro, Vt.215' 9"darkgreydarkRowe, Mass1840FarmerOct. 30
Cressey, Martin V.Readsboro, Vt.255' 7 1/4"lightbluedarkRowe, Mass1836FarmerOct. 30
Diamond, George W.Grafton, Vt.185' 7 1/2"lightbluedarkGrafton, Vt.1843MechanicOct. 21
Dix, HoseaWhitingham, Vt.365' 6 3/4"lightgreydarkWhitingham, Vt.1825FarmerNov. 21
Elmer, Edmund S.Brattleboro, Vt.415' 6 1/4"lightbluedarkVernon, Vt.1820Railroad
Nov. 19
Emerson, Gary H.Danby, Vt.165' 3/4"lightbluelightLincoln, Vt.1845FarmerDec. 4
Emerson, Orange G.Danby, Vt.235' 6"lightblackdarkDanby, Vt.1838FarmerDec. 4
Everleth, Henry D.Dummerston, Vt.185' 6"lightbluedarkAmherst, Mass.1843FarmerNov. 19
Fairfield, Alvah B.Brattleboro225' 8 1/2"lightgreydarkFlorida, Mass.1839PainterOct. 29
Giddings, Benjamin F.Cavendish, Vt.195' 9"lightgreydarkCavendish, Vt.1842studentOct. 26
Giddings, Henry E.Reading, Vt.185' 9 1/4"lightblackdarkReading, Vt.1843StudentOct. 30
Goodnough, EzraArlington, Vt.375' 7"lightbluedarkBrattleboro, Vt.1824MechanicOct. 28
Harrington, ElishaDorset, Vt.266' 4"lightgreydarkWhite Creek, NY1835FarmerNov. 1
Hart, GilbertEast Dorset, Vt.345' 11 3/4"darkgreydarkWallingford, Vt.1827MechanicOct. 24
Holland, Albert L.Grafton, Vt.20 5' 8"lightblackdarkGrafton, Vt.1841FarmerOct. 16
Houghton, Henry H.Westminster, Vt.215' 9 14"darkbrowndarkWestminster, Vt.1840FarmerNov. 27
Howard, Alfred P.Arlington, Vt.416' lightbrowndarkWardsboro, Vt.1820carpenterOct. 24
Howard, Charles H.Grafton, Vt.185' 9 1/2"lightblackdarkGrafton, Vt.1843FarmerOct. 21
Herbert, HenryMiddlebury, Vt.195' 8"lightblackdarkMiddlebury, Vt.1842StudentNov. 21
Hyde, Charles B.Pawlet, Vt.225' 6"lightgreydarkRandolph, Vt.1839studentOct. 25
Johnson, Edwin S.Wardsboro , Vt.196' 1"lightbrowndarkWardsboro, Vt.1842FarmerNov. 14
Keeler, Willis F.Brandon, Vt.185' 6"lightgreydarkBrandon, Vt.1843FarmerDec. 11
Kendall, Edward A.Winhall , Vt.295' 9 1/4"lightbluedarkGardner, Mass.1832MechanicDec. 7
Kendall, George S.St. Johnsbury, Vt.305' 7"lightbluedarkNorthfield, Mass.1831PeddlerNov. 7
King, William G.Fairfax, Vt.225' 9 1/4"lightgreydarkFairfax, Vt.1839FarmerDec. 13
Mason, AlmonBrattleboro, Vt.215' 10"lightbrowndarkNewfane, Vt.1840MechanicNov. 14
May, George A.Readsboro, Vt.215' 10 1/4"lightgreydarkWellington, Conn.1840FarmerNov. 25
McGrath, JohnPawlet, Vt.195' 8 3/4 "lightgreydarkLimerick, Ireland1842FarmerOct. 31
McKee, Samuel J.Fairfax, Vt.195' 6 1/2"lightgreylightSt. Johns, Canada1842PainterDec. 5
Miller, Allen P.Cavendish, Vt.275' 8"lightblackdarkHaverhill, NH1834MechanicDec. 2
Miller, George S.Cavendish, Vt.255' 10"lightgreydarkWarren, NH1836MechanicOct. 28
Minor, Frank E.Brattleboro, Vt.185' 7 1/2"lightgreydarkMadison, Ohio1843ClerkNov. 4
Monroe, AthertonPawlet, Vt.445' 5 1/2"lightblackdarkGroton, Mass.1817MechanicDec. 13
Mullett, Charles L.Newfane, Vt.21 6' 1 3/4"lightgreydarkNewfane, Vt.1840farmerOct. 20
Nervil, Lucius D.Brattleboro, Vt.205' 11 1/2"light`blackdarkMass.1841FarmerDec. 9
Newell, WilliamDorset, Vt.355' 10"darkbluedarkJaffrey, NH1826MechanicNov. 1
Northrop, Ezekiel B.Fairfax, Vt.316' 3/4"lightblackdarkFairfield, Vt.1830PainterDec. 13
Ober , HenryBrattleboro, Vt.195' 8 3/4"DarkBlackDarkMontague, Mass1842MechanicNov. 25
Ober , Joseph R.Brattleboro, Vt.255' 8 1/2"darkblackdarkHatfield, Mass.1836MechanicNov. 25
Parris, Jared L.Danby, Vt.225' 10 3/4"lightgreydarkDanby, Vt.1839FarmerNov. 23
Patterson, HaynesLandgrove , Vt.215' 1/2"lightbluelightLandgrove, Vt.1840MechanicOct. 21
Peabody, ArielBrattleboro, Vt.235' 11"lightgreydarkGeorgetown, Mass.1838FarmerNov. 7
Phelps, George B.Brattleboro, Vt.235' 10"lightgreydarkMonroe, Mass.1838FarmerOct. 30
Pike, LewisWhitingham, Vt.235' 5 3/4"lightbluelightWhitingham, Vt.1838FarmerOct. 28
Potter, PreservedPawlet, Vt.255' 4"lightgreydarkPawlet, Vt.1836FarmerNov. 15
Prindle, Gilbert H.East Poultney, Vt.235' 6 1/4"lightgreydarkE. Poultney, Vt.1838JewellerNov. 14
Putman, William E.Brattleboro, Vt.225' 7 1/4"lightblackdarkW. Brattleboro, Vt.1839ArtistDec. 10
Rawson, Harrison L.Jamaica, Vt.195' 11 1/2"darkbluedarkJamaica, Vt.1842FarmerDec. 3
Rawson, Kimball P.Jamaica, Vt.216' 1/4"lightgreydarkJamaica, Vt.1840CarpenterDec. 3
Rawson, Riley G.Jamaica, Vt.226' 1 1/2"lightbluedarkJamaica, Vt.1839carpenterDec. 3
Rendell, Merrill S.Essex Cntr, Vt.255' 9 3/4"LightblackdarkEssex Cntr, Vt.1836DentistDec. 7
Richardson, George A.Jamaica, Vt.226' 4 1/4"darkblackdarkJamaica, Vt.1839CooperDec. 7
Robbins, George W.Newfane, Vt.375' 9 3/4"lightgreydarkNewfane, Vt.1824FarmerOct. 26
Robinson, Charles H.S. Londonderry, Vt.255' 9 1/4"lightbluedarkS. Londonderry, Vt.1836mechanicOct. 24
Sargent, Daniel F.Brattleboro, Vt.225' 7 1/2"lightgreylightW. Brattleboro, Vt.1839FarmerOct. 9
Scribner, Grove T.E. Poultney, Vt.205' 11"lightgreydarkE. Poultney, Vt.1841FarmerNov. 6
Shattuck, William A.Winhall, Vt.275' 6 3/4"lightgreydarkWinhall, Vt 1834MechanicOct. 24
Smith, Henry A.East Dorset, Vt.275' 8 1/4"lightblackdarkWinchester, NH1834MechanicDec. 7
Smith, William W.Wilmington, Vt.245' 6 3/4"lightgreydarkWardsboro, Vt.1837MechanicOct. 17
Stevens, Edwin W.Readsboro, Vt.315' 6"lightbluedarkLeverett, Mass.1830FarmerNov. 13
Stevens, Joel P.Londonderry, Vt.455' 4 1/2"lightgreydarkLondonderry, Vt.1816FarmerNov. 4
Stevens, WarrenLondonderry, Vt.225' lightbluedarkLondonderry, Vt.1839FarmerOct. 23
Stewart, Harris A.Wallingford255' 3 1/2"lightgreylightE. Wallingford, Vt.1836FarmerDec. 10
Stewart, Harvey E.E. Wallingford, Vt.225' 6 1/2"lightgreydarkE. Wallingford, Vt.1839FarmerDec. 10
Strong, Sylvester C.Ludlow, Vt.215' 9"lightgreydarkPeru, Vt.1840FarmerOct. 28
Strow, William H.Weathersfield, Vt.255' 3"lightbluedarkWeathersfield, Vt.1836U. S. NavyDec. 2
Tobey, Chipman J.Pawlet, Vt.275' 10 3/4"lightgreydarkPawlet, Vt.1834FarmerNov. 15
Tower, George R.Westminster, Vt.185' 6 1/2"light bluelightWestminster, Vt.1843FarmerOct. 22
Town, WilliamSherburne, Vt.235' 8"lightgreydarkSherburne, Vt.1838FarmerNov. 12
Tucker, John B.Whitingham, Vt.235' 6"lightbluedarkConn.1838FarmerDec. 11
Tyler, Charles F.West Halifax, Vt.265' 11"lightbluedarkW. Halifax, Vt.1835MechanicNov. 13
Warner,Cornelius T.Landgrove , Vt.195' 6 3/4"lightgreylightLandgrove, Vt.1842FarmerOct. 21
White, Charles L.Putney, Vt.225' 8"lightbrowndarkHartland, Vt.1839CarpenterOct. 12
White, William F.Wardsboro, Vt.185' 9"lightgreylightWardsboro, Vt.1843FarmerNov. 13
Willis, Daniel H.Newfane, Vt.235' 10 1/2"lightgreydarkMarlboro, Vt.1838FarmerOct. 14
Witt, LucienBrattleboro, Vt.185' 7 1/2"lightbluelightChesterfield, NH1843FarmerOct. 15
Worden, Herbert M.Guilford, Vt.185' 6 3/4"lightgreydarkGuilford, Vt.1843FarmerNov. 21
Wyman, LoringGrafton, Vt.375' 9 1/4"lightblackdarkWestmoreland, NH1824FarmerOct. 21
York, George W.Sherburne, Vt.325' 11 1/4"lightgreylightSherburne, Vt.1829FarmerDec. 5

A Statistical Snapshot

William H. Knight reported that 101 men had been enlisted by him by between 9 October and 16 December 1861.

By occupation there were 55 farmers, 23 mechanics, 6 carpenters, 6 students, 4 painters, and one each artist, clerk, cooper, dentist, jeweler, peddler, printer, railroad employee, and U.S. Navy (who, coincidently, rejoined the Navy after getting a disability discharge from the company).

If they all told the truth, the oldest was 45 and the youngest 16. There were 40 aged 21 and under, 32 between 22 and 25, 11 between 26 and 29, and 18 aged 30 or over. Their average age was 24.

Eight were listed as having a dark complexion, the overwhelming majority were of light complexion. Their eyes were grey (43), blue (32), black (20), and brown (7). Their hair was either dark (84) or light (17). The tallest man, at 6' 4 1/4", towered over his shortest compatriot, at 5' even. Of the remainder, 68 were 5' 7" or taller, the remaining 31 ranged from 5' 3" to 5' 6 3/4".

Understandably, native Vermonters dominated the group, with 73. The remaining men were born in Massachusetts (15), New Hampshire (6), Connecticut (2), New York (2), Ohio (1), Canada (1) and Ireland (1). Of the 73 native Vermonters, 55 enlisted from their hometown.

Of the 101 who enlisted, 99 actually served with the company. Of those, 8 were killed or mortally wounded in action, 9 died of disease, 10 were wounded (and 2 subsequently discharged for their wounds), 31 were discharged for disability, 1 resigned his commission, and 2 deserted, 18 transferred to other units (12 to the 4th Vermont Infantry, 6 to the Veteran Reserve Corps), and 2 deserted. Of the remaining 2, 1 later served in the 16th Vermont Infantry; one was drafted, but there is no indication of service.

Source: Original in possession of Gilbert Hart Whelden, descendant of Gilbert Hart; transcribed by Linda M. Welch, Dartmouth College; statistics generated by Tom Ledoux.