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1st Company of Sharp Shooters - AG65

1st Sharp Shooter Company - AG62

1st Sharp Shooter Company - AG62

1st, 2nd and 3rd Companies of Sharp Shooters - AG63

1st/2d/3rd Companies Sharp Shooters - AG64

2d/3rd Sharp Shooters Companies - AG62

2nd and 3rd Companies of Sharp Shooters - AG65

2nd Sharp Shooter Company - AG62

3rd Sharpshooter Company Recruits

Barton, Joseph G., letter just prior to his death

Benedict, Chapter 30

Brian White's Sharpshooter Photographs

Charles Collection

Fairbanks, Alfred, biography

Fairbanks, Charles, biography

Gettysburg, 1st Sharpshooters Monument

Gettysburg, 2nd Sharpshooters Monument

Gibson Collection

History, Co. E, 2nd United States Sharpshooters

History, Co. F, 1st United States Sharpshooters

History, Co. H, 2nd United States Sharpshooters

History, Companies E and H, 2nd United States Sharpshoote

How A Man Feels in Battle

ID Disks

Identification Disks

Jones Collection

National Soldiers Homes


Recruiting Poster, Sharpshooters

Research Aids

Scott Family Portrait


Sharpshooters at Weldon Railroad

Third Sharp Shooter Company - AG62

Tilson Photo Album

Vermont Riflemen in the War for the Union

Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915

Soldiers with "additional information" in their records

(Photographs, documents, biographies, obituaries, etc.)

Abbott, Curtis

Ackley, Lewis Everett

Adams, Simeon Jr.

Allard, Wilman D.

Archer, Foster E.

Averill, Philetus

Bailey, Merrill

Barrows, Dustin

Battles, William T.

Beach, Edgar A.

Blake, William H.

Bradley, Joseph Clark

Britton, George F.

Bronson, Martin V. B.

Brophy, Harvey A.

Brown, George A.

Brown, Sherrod

Bruce, Horatio P.

Bullock, David M.

Buswell, Brigham

Butterfield, Abner W.

Buxton, Albert

Carr, Ira

Chase, Amos B.

Chase, George

Chase, George W.

Clark, Carlos E.

Clark, James Binney

Coburn, Oscar

Collins, John S.

Cressy, George Washington

Cross, Andrew J.

Cross, Artemas Cassius

Culver, Albert F.

Culver, Daniel L.

Cummings, Henry O.

Cunningham, Michael

Dawson, William F.

Diamond, George W.

Domag, William J.

Dow, Edward

Dunton, George C.

Eaton, Orville M.

Edgerton, Andrew A.

Edgerton, Hiram R.

Fairbanks, Alfred de Calvus

Fairbanks, Charles

Farnham, George

Fitts, Edward

Foote, Charles H.

Ford, Henry

French, David W.

French, Edward

Frye, David M.

Giddings, Benjamin F.

Giddings, Edwin A.

Giddings, Silas

Greeley, Cyrus A.

Griffin, Almon D.

Grover, Lyman D.

Hall, Henry Martyn

Hastings, Charles W.

Hazard, William B.

Headle, David

Headle, Levi P.

Hindes, Esbon Wiltsey

Hodge, Holden S.

Hodges, Sylvester E.

Holbrook, Thomas J.

Holley, Franklin Sullivan

Holtham, Edward A.

Hopkins, Henry W.

Houghton, Byron R.

Houghton, Henry Homer

Howard, Charles H.

Hunt, Lucius F.

Jackson, Edward F.

Johnson, George H.

Kent, Caspar B.

Kinsman, Henry E.

Ladd, Seneca

Laflin, Peter

Lamson, George C.

Leach, Lyman B.

Leach, Nathan W.

Leach, Welcome G.

Leach, William H.

Lewis, Luke Monroe

Loran, David

Lovely, Victor

Lyman, Edward

Martin, Burnap A.

McGettrick, Felix W.

Mead, Carlos Eugene

Mead, Charles B.

Meade, George E.

Meador, John H.

Merriman, Charles D.

Minet, Exes

Monahan, John J.

Monroe, Atherton

Morgan, Watson P.

Morse, Calvin Jr.

Mosher, Henry E.

Newell, Luther B.

Newell, William

Packard, Philander Robert

Paine, Eugene

Peck, Cassius

Peck, Harrison J.

Perry, Daniel

Petrie, William H.

Pike, Lewis

Potter, Noel

Powell, Elijah W.

Prentis, Thomas Theodore

Preston, Aaron

Prindle, Gilbert Henry

Prindle, John Q. A.

Quinlan, John

Rand, Stephen Jr.

Richardson, Burton Clark

Richardson, John N.

Ripley, William Young Warren

Robinson, Edwin E.

Rock, Alphonzo Howard

Rollins, Ledrue M.

Sanborn, Asa J.

Sanford, Ozias

Sargent, Davis Baker

Sawyer, Elwin A.

Scott, William M.

Scribner, Grove S.

Seaton, Charles Williams

Shattuck, William A.

Shedd, Abel Burbank

Shreve, William Price

Smith, Montillion

Smith, Walter Wallace

Smith, William H.

Sprague, Henry

Squier, Willard Harwood

Squire, Daniel Webster

Squires, George

Stearns, Doran Harding

Stevens, Edward Ferdinand

Stewart, William Emmett

Stockwell, Andrew J.

Stockwell, Arthur E.

Stone, Charles

Stoughton, Homer Richard

Streeter, Frederick F.

Sweetser, Francis D.

Tarbell, Abner Whipple

Tarbell, James Madison

Tilson, William Francis

Tower, George Rilely

Turner, Charles W.

Weston, Edmund Jr.

White, Eben S.

Williams, Samuel Jesse

Witt, Lucien Adelbert

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