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Vermont Historical Society Civil War Photographs

The Vermont Historical Society has given us access to their collections that contain Vermont Civil War photographs, which we have incorporated into our individual soldiers' records.

We have broken them down into four categories: 1) The Reunion Society Collection, 2) Albums, and 3) Other Collections and 4) Portrait Files.

Recent Additions to VHS Holdings

Oliver P. Dunham, 8th Vermont, Ambrotypes Collection

Reunion Society Collection (FB 19)

The Vermont Soldiers' Reunion Society Collection (FB 19) has portraits of 872 soldiers. These photographs once graced the walls of the State House (VHS photos above). A few soldiers have two photographs.


The names of the albums are arbitrary based on the content.

2nd Vermont Infantry Album (SP 973.7443 V2) (40 portraits). This album was presented to the Society in April 1940, by George B. Anderson of Evanston, IL.

2nd Vermont Infantry Album (MSA 595) (39 portraits). This album belonged to George Washington Flagg, 1st Lieutenant, Co. F, 2nd Vermont Infantry and consists mostly of men of that regiment.

2nd Vermont Infantry Album (FB-4) (20 portraits, including some generals and unknowns)

9th Vermont Infantry Album (SP 973.7443 L488) (31 portraits). This album was presented to the Society on May 27, 1938, by William Stowell Leavenworth, son of Capt. A. E. Leavenworth (Co. K, 9th VT Inf.).

Minette Album (FB:135-4) (15 Portraits)

Other Collections

Color photocopies of Bill Johnston's 1st Cavalry Collection (32 portraits)

Copies of Jeremy Main's James Fletcher Collection (20 portraits)

Tintype Portraits (FB-27) (20 portraits)

Small Groupings (8 Portraits)

First and Last Casualties presentation cards (F-HIS-CW) (2 cards/4 Portraits)

Portrait Files (F-PO)

There are at least 220 identified soldiers with photographs in the Portraits Files, which are available here.

A few have multiple photographs (one has 10!), but the majority have a single photo, adding 75 to that number.

There are also about 23 unidentified photos which we are including in hopes of getting help to identify them. (There are also unidentified soldiers in some of the other albums/collections above, and we will eventually create a central depository.

Check here for a listing of the photographs in the society's archives.