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Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Collection (FB19)

According to the Vermont Historical Society, these images were collected by the Re-Union Society of Vermonter Officers between 1869 and at least 1894, almost 30 years after the war had ended. The photos include not only members of the society, but photos of comrade who did not survive the war.

The images were orginally at the Vermont State House (as shown above) but now are among the society's collections. They have given us access to them to display with the information in our soldiers' database, thus enhancing both collections.

Probably related, in his 1891-1892 Annual Report, the Vermont Adjutant General requested, by name, Photographs of Vermont Officers For Regimental Frames At State House. We took a small sample of names listed, and those officer had not contributed a photograph.

The images capture the likenesses of the 872 Vermont Civil War officers in the collection, about sixty-three percent of the 1363 men who served as officers in Vermont regiments during the conflict. A few have two or three pictures, usually from different units.

A few photos are unidentified.

Lists are organized by surname...