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Ninth Vermont Infantry Album (SP 973.7443 L488)

Photographs of 9th Vermont Infantry soldiers

Andross, Dudley Kimball

Baker, Joel Clarke

Barney, Valentine Goodrich

Bartlett, Amasa

Bascom, John T.

Bisbee, Lewis Henry

Bissell, Albert W.

Brooks, Joseph C.

Carpenter, Benjamin Walter

Clark, Asaph

Goss, Story Norman

Guyer, Guy H.

Holman, William Chauncey

Jewett, Erastus W.

Lewis, David Wilkinson

Livingston, Josiah O.

Miller, Roswell

Ripley, Edward Hastings

Sawyer, Francis Oliver

Sherman, Elijah Bernis

Sherman, Linus Elias

Stannard, George Jerrison

Stearns, John C.

Viele, Eugene

Other photographs in the Album

Samuel C. Barnum, 11th CT INF

Edward W. Coffin, Captain, USV, and Commissary of Subsistence
Yorktown, VA, 1861-1865.

A. H. Heath, 12th NH INF

Clerk Richard Lip... (surname not readable)

Isaiah Winch, Quartermaster, 12th NH INF
Acting Assistant Quartermaster, 2nd Brigade

The 12th New Hampshire, 11th Connecticut and 9th Vermont, were all in the 3rd Division, 24 Army Corps, Department of Virginia, from December 1864 to June, July and August, 1865, respectively. That probably explains Barnum, Heath and Winch being in this album. The supply depot at Yorktown, VA probably supported the corps, which may explain the inclusion of Coffin. Harriet Preston Grogan, below, may have been in a position to care for 9th Vermont soldiers at Chesapeake Army Hospital nearby.

Harriet E. Grogan nee Preston

Harriet E. Preston Grogan lived in Bridgeport, CT for most of her life. Only the 1880 Census record shows her in Washington, DC with her husband Andrew Grogan. She served as a U.S. Medical Department Nurse at Chesapeake Army Hospital in Hampton, VA, although we don't know the inclusive dates. Her career also included work at Knight Hospital in New Haven, CT. She married Andrew Grogan, a 6th Connecticut Infantry veteran, on June 29, 1870. The Army Nurses Pension Act was signed into law by President Benjamin Harrison on August 5, 1892, which provided for pensions for nurses who served in the Army during the Civil War for a minimum of six months. This Act allowed Harriet to receive $12 per month for her service. In 1906, this pension was increased to $20 a month as Harriet was in poor health, unable to support herself. The Census records for 1900 and 1910 show her living in Bridgeport with her sister, Alice. Harriet E. Preston Grogan passed away March 29, 1911, and is buried at Mountain Grove Cemetery in Bridgeport, CT along with her parents and her sister.

Heidi McColgan scanned all the photographs from this album and researched Harriet Grogan.