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Current as of September 25th

Cemetery Updates

Maple Hill Cemetery, Taberg, NY
Glenwood Cemetery, Houston, TX
Dell Park Cemetery, Natick, MA
Elmwood Cemetery, Northfield, VT
Pine Grove Cemetery, Manchester, NH
Fairview Cemetery, Calais, VT
Eastside Cemetery, Chateaugay, NY
Wells River Cemetery, Newbury, VT
Pleasant View Cemetery, Barnet, VT
North Conway Cemetery, North Conway, NH
Evans Cemetery, Gorham, NH
Mexico Village Cemetery, Mexico, NY
Cedar Grove Cemetery, Piermont, NH
Westwood Cemetery, Oberlin, OH
Morningside Cemetery, Charlotte, VT
Braintree Hill Cemetery, Braintree, VT
West Bolton Cemetery, Bolton, VT
Gilman Road Cemetery, Hinesburg, VT
Ascutney Cemetery, Windsor, VT
Maplewood Cemetery, Huntington, VT

New Articles/Links

Battle of Broad Run (Wikipedia)
Lamoille County Veterans Reunion (1887)
The Fourteenth Amendment (recommended by Libby)
GAR Ritual

Soldiers' Records with additional information

Powers, Amos John, 12th VT INF
Ufford, Charles J., 6th VT INF
Hartwell, George W., 5th VT INF, VRC
Webber, George, 15th VT INF, 1st VT CAV
Willard, Joseph Clapp, USA
Knight, Herbert J., 11th VT INF
Corbett, Myron L., 9th VT INF
Thomas, Joseph W., 8th VT INF
Thomas, John C., 14th VT INF, 17th VT INF
Thomas, Joel Wells, 26th NY LARTY
Thomas, Henry H., 5th VT INF
DeCamp, George, 3rd VT INF, VRC
Bacon, Rozeme E., 15th VT INF
Goss, Samuel E., 5th NH INF
Goss, Aaron, 6th VT INF
Ayers, George, 9th VT INF, VRC
Ayers, John, 12th VT INF
Mansur, Jacob C., 10th VT INF
Stevens, Samuel C., 3rd VT INF
Stevens, Foster G., 11th VT INF
Stevens, Curtis S., 11th VT INF
Stevens, Charles D., 4th VT INF
Stevens, Calvin L., 3rd VT INF
Stevens, Barnum A., 93rd NY INF
Marble, Durham A., 1st VT INF, 13th VT INF