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Current as of January 28th

Cemetery Updates

Fairview Cemetery, Greenleaf, WI
Garland Cemetery, Garland, TX
Boxwood Cemetery, Medina, NY
Mount Forest Cemetery, Coaticook, PQ
Melrose Cemetery, Brockton, MA
Jay Center Cemetery, Jay, VT
Edwards Church Cemetery, Framingham, MA
Cedar Hill Cemetery, Newark, OH
Long Rapids Cemetery, Long Rapids, MI
Jersey Shore Cemetery, Jersey Shore, PA
Grilley Cemetery, Florence, NY
Fairview Cemetery, Pleasantville, PA
Bunker Hill Burial Ground, Boston, MA
Calvary Cemetery, Sioux City, IA
Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Port Byron, NY
Evergreen Cemetery, Colville, WA
Holy Cross Cemetery, Angola, NY
Chase Cemetery, Cornish, NH
Conway Village Cemetery, Conway, NH
Pleasant Street Cemetery, Claremont, NH

New Articles/Links

Mason, Dan, correspondence
Champlain Valley Historical Reenactors
Stowe Post at Mirror Lake GAR Building - 1894
Graves Registration (WPA)
WPA (Graves Registration)

Soldiers' Records with additional information

Randall, Francis Voltaire, 2nd VT INF, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF
Randall, Francis Voltaire Jr., 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF
Farr, Robert D., 12th VT INF
Chadwick, Theodore A., 12th VT INF
Wallace, William, 2nd IA CAV
Wallace, William H., 10th VT INF
Benson, Charles J., 11th VT INF
Burbank, Morgan A., 2nd VT INF
Hatch, Henry H., 3rd VT INF
Dodge, Miles H., 1st VT CAV
Coffee, Patrick, 4th NY CAV
Thomas, Edward, 6th VT INF
Irish, Jed, 6th VT INF
Osgood, Herman, 7th VT INF
Stocker, Daniel M., 8th VT INF, 16th VT INF
Burke, John, 3rd VT INF
Irish, Calvin Alonzo, 1st VT CAV
Horton, Amos B., 103rd OH INF
Griffin, Patrick, 14th VT INF
Wilder, Horace Judson, 11th VT INF
Jackson, William, 43rd USCI
Laughlin, Edward A., 13th NY CAV, 3rd NY PROV CAV
Street, Emily, Matron
Chase, Eli T., 8th IL CAV
Osgood, John C., 12th VT INF
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