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Current as of June 26th

Cemetery Updates

Poplar Grove National Cemetery, Petersburg, VA
IOOF Cemetery, Montezuma, IA
Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN
Evergreen Rest Cemetery, Thetford, VT
East Main Street Cemetery, Newport, VT
Redwood Falls Cemetery, Redwood Falls, MN
Rahway Cemetery, Rahway, NJ
Case Street Cemetery, Middlebury, VT
Center Cemetery, Northfield, MA
Mountain View Cemetery, Walla Walla, WA
Lakeside Cemetery, Island Pond, VT
Hillside Cemetery, Lakefield, ON
Fairfield Cemetery, Spencerport, NY
Lakeview Cemetery, Westmore, VT
Baptist Cemetery, Dummerston, VT
Kimball Cemetery, Kimball, NE
Shrewsbury Center Cemetery, Shrewsbury, VT
Oakwood Cemetery, Syracuse, NY
Grafton Cemetery, Grafton, NE
Montcalm Cemetery, Enfield, NH

New Articles/Links

Stowe Post at Mirror Lake GAR Building - 1894
Graves Registration (WPA)
WPA (Graves Registration)
Civl War Resources in the Norwich Archives
Rutland Fairgrounds

Soldiers' Records with additional information

Bonett, George W., 3rd VT INF
Holmes, Horace B., 2nd VT INF
Richardson, George W., 2nd VT INF
Pearson, Granville Livermore, 2nd VT INF
Morey, Charles Carroll, 2nd VT INF
Hurlburt, Ward B., 2nd VT INF
Streeter, Philander Alonzo, 2nd VT INF
Leonard, Thomas F., 3rd VT INF
Morrill, Hollis D., 4th VT INF, 11th VT INF
Park, Castanus Blake Jr., 11th VT INF, 16th VT INF
Andrews, Sumner A., 13th VT INF, 26th NY CAV/VT FCAV
Peck, Cassius, 1st USSS
Gorham, Hiram J., 4th VT INF
Henry, Hugh, 16th VT INF
Hall, John Hiram, 13th VT INF, 17th VT INF
Holt, Andrew J., 6th VT INF
Hight, Bradbury Wallace, 2nd VT INF
Grant, Joseph P., 1st VT CAV
Doolittle, Charles Camp, 4th MI INF, 18th MI INF
Titus, Lewis R., 3rd VT INF, 8th VT INF, 75th USCI
Gregory, Joseph, 4th VT INF, 1st US VET CORPS
Hunt, John, 3rd VT INF
Willard, Joseph Clapp, USA
Porter, Edward Octavius, 11th VT INF
Shattuck, William A., 2nd USSS, VRC
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